A public resource for microbiome bioinformatics benchmarking using artificially constructed (i.e., mock) communities.

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Searchable inventory of mock communities.

mockrobiota distributes metadata and other materials associated with mock community datasets for public use, as well as links to raw sequencing data that are hosted externally. As raw data are hosted externally, mockrobiota cannot ensure the integrity or quality of raw data. Critical errors associated with any mockrobiota materials or raw data should be reported here. For minor issues, e.g., formatting quirks associated with raw data, or notes on the usage of a particular dataset, document this information in the file, which is located in the home directory of each dataset.


We welcome and encourage new submissions to the mockrobiota family! If you have a mock community dataset that you would like to contribute, or wish to make changes/additions to any of the materials contained in mockrobiota, please review our contributing guidelines.

Citing mockrobiota

If you use any materials contained in mockrobiota, please cite this article:

Bokulich NA, Rideout JR, Mercurio WG, Shiffer A, Wolfe B, Maurice CF, Dutton RJ, Turnbaugh PJ, Knight R, Caporaso JG. 2016. mockrobiota: a Public Resource for Microbiome Bioinformatics Benchmarking. mSystems 1 (5): e00062-16. DOI: 10.1128/mSystems.00062-16.

Do not forget to cite the original publication for any mock community dataset that you use (original citation information is contained in the dataset-metadata.tsv file, located in the home directory of each dataset).